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BeitragThema: Nocis Ecke   Nocis Ecke Icon_minitimeFr Okt 14, 2011 6:48 pm

jaa ich werde hier einfach zeug rein labbern also xD dann....ehm was just one moment ....* BAM *... now i know it .. It's the same pretty face ... the same soft voice .. but the truth is, it's to late now ... where were you when I was still alone ?.I hope you understand that things have changed and if you're reading this then I hope you understand that


and i try to be stronger....stronger as my feeling to go...but i know i must...and my heart will no longer cry..because i know now nothing is endless..we will go back on a better time..on a better place where Angels fly and where we can be free...Where i not longer stand with the pain in the Rain. So closing me like a chapter in a book .. that you never would read again....
so that I can follow my feelings...

i hold you close..close to me, so close that you don't see how far away I am...and thats the part of me you never can touch..

What ever are my past and my future, are my everything..and life with out you is no life <3 i hate my feelings but what should i are the one how makes me feel like this <3

it breaks my heart..whatever happens it breaks my heart !
but i can't let it go..not one more time...:'(..

Just one more lie...just one more all will break and she will fall. All she ever need is someone who believes in her, who see her true face..and can still love her..

i look in your face..but there's nothing more that I knows about you...

sometimes i just sitting in my room and think about my life, my friends, my love...and then i release my life is a fucking suicide...and known can change this.

You are the reason why my life collapses...but you also the reason why my sore heal..

öhmmm ja *denk weiter*


Let The Rain Wash Away All The Pain Of Yesterday

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Nocis Ecke

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